Takeout and delivery FAQs

"Do your patties have any peanuts?"

Our Bakery is 100% Nut Free! 

"Do you also sell frozen patties?"

Yes! We Sell our frozen patties by the dozens and half dozens. you can bake them at home at 370 for 20 minutes.

"Are Your vegetarian patties also vegan?"

Our vegetarian patties are also vegan - 100% free from meat and dairy products.

"do you offer any delivery services?"

we are currently partnered with uber eats. we offer delivery through our 4 Elm St location in downtown Toronto and Square one location in Mississauga, please check the uber eats app for delivery in your area.

"Can I place an order for cocktail size patties?"

No, we only serve full size patties. Live a little!

"is your cocobread vegan friendly?"

No, our cocobread contains dairy products.

For more inquiries please email